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Let's Talk about Cars

Dan Beudean

12 of April - 24 of May 2013

Solo Show by Dan Beudean

Curator Adina Zorzini

Dan Beudean is an emerging artist descending from the Cluj School of Art, living in the same city and working in the Paintbrush Factory; Dan Beudean masters drawing and conceptual installation and numbers among the artists to be featured in the second volume of Vitamin D book published by Phaidon.

During the past half decade, Dan Beudean has shown a constant interest in interregnum behavior mutations and abnormalities, physiological deviations and aberrances, social and cultural exceptions that turn into commonly accepted transgressions; starting with the present solo show, the artist upgraded his study and scaled his attention, in order to comprehend and survey human kind’s ambiguous rituals of death and purification.

Thus, quoting Let’s talk about cars lyrics, Dan Beudean represents seven symbolic valedictions in the name of humanity, waving goodbye to all that concerns the western/westernized contemporary man: goodbye benediction, goodbye gasoline, goodbye paranoia, goodbye sleeze, goodbye Hari Krishna, goodbye earth, goodbye Patricia Nixon’s breasts.

Let’s talk about cars exhibition comprises a conceptual ambiguity with regard to the artist’s intention, consisting of the symbolic analogy between the two existential notions of death and purification, which creates an interval that gives Dan Beudean the possibility to maneuver the thoughts spaced between a painful, definitive farewell and a hopeful, conceivable see you again. (Adina Zorzini)