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Resonance by Three Cardinal Points

Dan Maciuca

20 November 2015 - 30 January 2016

Solo show by Dan Maciuca

Dan Maciuca (b. 1979) is a young, strong and fast emerging Romanian artist, living and working in Cluj-Napoca; PhD graduate of the University of Art and Design from Cluj, Dan Maciuca is also an associated professor at the Painting Department.

Specialized in painting, the artist masters all classical techniques of the medium, which he connotes into a contemporary manner of representation and of abstract gestural expression; Dan Maciuca is one of the few abstract Eastern European painters of his generation, thus being one of the important representatives of the abstract approach in its recent production.

The solo show Resonance by Three Cardinal Points comprises a conceptual statement regarding the power of man over nature (using perspective to underline architecture leitmotifs in natural surrounding landscapes) and, relates to art history through motifs of composition and geometrical representation (a la Rothko); last but not least, the dissection and primary use of complementary colors rappels to main similar themes in the history of art.

Mapping the latest direction in Dan Maciuca’s artistic thinking and preoccupations, Resonance by Three Cardinal Points brings together a group of selected paintings that resonate with the artist’s own cardinal points and, which show a new intention and a new and different interest in re-configuring and re-formulating objective reality through aesthetic meaning. (Adina Zorzini)