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From Mere Abstract to Almost Figurative

A group show by R Comsa, I Popdan, F Stefan

Exhibition produced together with Intact Cultural Foundation

7th of May - 17 of July 2015

"How I have been deceived! I was deluded by the painting into thinking that the figures were not painted but were real beings, moving and loving – at any rate I shout at them as though they could hear and I imagine that I hear some response – and you did not utter a single word to turn me back from my mistake, being as much overcome as I was and unable to free yourself from the deception and the stupefaction induced by it. So let us look at the details of the painting; for it really is a painting before which we stand." (Philostratus the Elder, Imagines, 1.28 Hunters)

The show brings together three artists  who approach painting in seemingly unrelated ways: through a critical examination of its material qualities, symbolic grammar and formal language (Radu Comșa); through abstract contemplation, by processing the ineffable (Ioan Popdan); through an intrinsic conversation with its own history and conditions as a medium (Florin Ștefan). These three paths meet in the absolute plane of abstraction, where painting becomes both allusion and formal consonance. (Daria Dumitrescu)